Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, no, the services are not illegal. While some people may find the services offered by this site unethical, the practice of providing fake references is legal as long as your not trying to fabricate or defraud yourself to your local, state or federal government.

No, you cannot be arrested for the services offered by References Upon Request to gain employment or accommodation. However, if you defraud or fabricate the government, you may be arrested. References Upon Request does not provide its services to financial institutions, government run or affiliated entities.

Absolutely not and its illegal. will not provide employment references or recommendations to help you obtain financial assistance, loans or buy a home.

Our services are intended for personal endurance in the commercial workplace. We do not service the following bodies/fields/industries: Local, State, Federal Government Bodies, Entities, Programs, Employees, Fire, Police, Ambulatory, Medical, Caregivers, Financial Institutions, Banks, Lenders, Money Markets, Educators & Educational Institutions, Public and Private Transportation, and more.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone we feel incriminating or compromising the health and safety of the public, customer or References Upon Request.

Using our form, and in just a few minutes, you tell us job type, starting and ending dates of employment, reason for leaving, supervisors name, your strengths and weaknesses and a few more details. If “currently employed”, we provide you with a phone number and extension that goes straight to your mobile or landline to setup and take calls.

Once you submit the References Upon Request Form we begin fabricating your perfect reference and usually deliver in 3-5 business days depending on the service you chose.

We provide you with a virtual business and real operators to answer questions about you ensuring future employers will not be able to tell your reference is fake. Our virtual businesses include websites, domain based email phone and fax, together providing an authentic and positive experience for reference checkers.

Absolutely. By choosing our White Collar Reference Package your get 3 references, if you need more, contact us for your custom package.

Yes. Your Virtual Landlord/Business has a dedicated fax number (also found on its website) where your potential landlord or employer can fax us the forms (with your signature release) to fill out and fax back.

Yes. We document all incoming reference checks and promptly notify you about who contacted us regarding you, when and the detailed minutes of the conversation.

We operate across America from

9am – 5PM EST

From time to time we miss calls when the office is closed or receiving high volumes of calls. During these times a voicemail with your supervisors name and greeting and will be directed to leave a message that we return promptly.

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